Content Strategy

Content Is Still King - It Just Sits on a Larger, Fancier Throne

In spite of innumerable changes in consumer behavior, search engine algorithms and quality standards, new technologies, and more, one thing in digital marketing has remained constant: CONTENT IS KING.

The definition of "content," in marketing however, has evolved. Content is not just the words on a page anymore; it's the structure of the content, the enhancements with tagging and in- and out-bound links, compelling images, and geographic relevance.

Gone are the days of simple, single- or few-word searches as increasingly-accurate voice recognition technologies become standard. Today our devices come with artificial intelligence (AI) as a standard and they have names (Siri, Cortana, Alexa...), personalities, speak multiple languages, and possess the ability to learn from the way we interact with them.

All this needs to be taken into account as we develop a content strategy that will serve your needs as the third decade of the 21st century dawns.

Our Content Strategy services leverage these insights to help your website gain increased traffic and then to convert that traffic into leads.


Website Content Optimization

Website Content Optimization provides exactly what it describes; optimized page content that helps convince the search engines that your site should be provided as a top option for your prospects' search results.

YouTube Content Optimization

Promotional Video

Video has such great success at converting traffic to leads, that folks in the digital marketing world now wonder, "Is video the new King?!"

Here are some important video marketing statistics:

  • Companies that use video marketing see 41% more organic traffic than those that don’t.
  • Video helps convert visitors into customers. Home pages with videos see 20% more conversions. Landing pages see 80% more.
  • By merely mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, the click-through rate increases by 13%.
  • Video viewers retain an average of 95% of a message versus only 10% reading it in text.

Tell Your Story

Allow us to interview you and your long-term staff then include your bios online. People LOVE to get to know the people they might be buying from or working with. This helps add a personal touch to the process and helps people to feel more connected.

This is even more important if your goal is to get people off-line and into your place of business. This connectedness is an important ingredient in gaining online conversions.

Your interview includes a 30-minute live interview (in-person or video chat, depending on location) and results in a 500-word bio for your site.

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